Dart Group

The Dart Group caters for those who would like a comfortable, gentle pace.  It is a social group with the emphasis on enjoyment, a bit of fun and no pressure.  However, our goals are:

  • working towards improving fitness and muscle tone,
  • losing or maintaining weight and increasing stamina,
  • to help you to become a more confident runner and encourage you to feel more positive about your own abilities and achievements.TAC runner

We usually run up to and around 4 miles depending on the needs of the individuals in the group.  We do not run continuously but stop for a breather or walk sections of the route.  During the better weather and lighter evenings we try to do more off road routes to enjoy the lovely scenery around Tavistock.  Training throughout the year also includes some more structured sessions to include hill reps, speed work and interval training.

The group trains on a Tuesday and Thursday from 18.20hrs to 19.30hrs.

The group is currently overseen by Lorraine Tofield who is supported by a mixture of Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Leaders in Running and Fitness.

The current Dart Group schedule is here >>>Dart training Jan-April 2019