Lyd Group

The Lyd Group enjoys a mixture of sessions designed to gently improve times for those who are :

  • looking perhaps towards a first race, to improve on that all important PB (Personal Best)
  • looking to improve their fitness whilst recovering from injury

Less intensive than the Tavy/ Meavy groups, we use the local area to provide our training ground and on occasions venture Carin du Val imageonto the fantastic track.

We never leave anyone behind and although we work hard, we have fun while we work, enjoying the beautiful areas surrounding Tavistock.  The group is a great mix of experienced runners and those who are beginning to find their running feet.  We welcome runners of any age, gender and experience. Runners in this group also use the other training groups at certain times of their training and we also host runners from the other groups when our programme suits their needs.

The group trains on a Tuesday and Thursday from 18.30hrs to 19.30hrs.

The group is currently overseen by Margaret Batten who is supported by a mixture of Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Leaders in Running and Fitness.

The Lyd Group training programme can be seen here >>>LYD TRAINING PLAN March-only-2019