Tavy Group

The Tavy group is a seniors endurance running group catering for those who want to improve their performance.  Like the Meavy group we use the local park and areas of town and moor and of course the track to do our training but at a slightly less intensity than the Meavy group. Tavy runners take part in a wide variety of road and off road races at many distances.

212We publish 7 day week programmes for the whole year (updated quarterly) which are designed to build up to local events (and very occasionally national events like the London Marathon).  For example, in the spring the programme will cater for a half marathon but the coach will adapt it for the needs of perhaps a 10k road race.

Being athlete centered, tailor made programmes or adaptations of the group programme can be given to those who have a specific target.

The group train on a Tuesday and Thursday from 18.20 – 19.45 and join in with the Meavy1526 group for Saturday morning sessions at 8.45 – 10.00 am.

The group is currently overseen by Sheila Houghton who is supported by a mixture of Coaches, Assistant Coaches and
Leaders in Running and Fitness.

Athletes are encouraged to move from group to group to get the sort of session or intensity they require and to enjoy their training!

The current Tavy training programme can be viewed here >>>2018/07/Tavy-Schedule-Oct-Dec-2018.pdf